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Oct 29, 2021
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It's the little things! Like everything we do the small details pile up to affect outcomes in a large way. This cart experience from Fanatics, Inc.. is absolutely spot on and executed professionally. Nothing is revolutionary here of course, but very intentional.

1. Code "Pumpkin" - seasonal, easy to remember, was pre-populated in the coupon bar for me when I arrived in the cart. My item was not discounted yet, I had to take action and press "Apply".
2. Upon clicking apply, a success message was presented below the coupon code box. "Your discount was successfully applied"
3. Here's the closer. *"Order Now to Save $18.00"* pops up beneath the cart total and just before the checkout & express checkout options.

The order of operations here allows for a buyer a split second to consider and think about the value fanatics is giving you, almost their moment to take credit for the sale. You have to see that this is a discount because you are triggering it. Then its value is reenforced in dollars right before the critical moment of entering checkout and an element of urgency is presented. #ecommerce #buyerpsychology #cro
Wrote eCommerce content
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Started in 2019, providing usps uniforms for USPS/postal employees. Strictly B2B e-commerce as only USPS employees are authorized to purchase these uniforms.
Wrote eCommerce content
Wrote a Digital Trends article
Wrote eCommerce content
Wrote a Digital Trends article
The world of e-commerce is moving faster than ever before. We have summarised some of the most important changes and e-commerce trends of the last few years in infographics.
Wrote eCommerce content
Wrote a Digital Trends article
For many years, the big players in the ERP industry, such as Microsoft, Sage or SAP, dominated the market and still have the largest market shares today. But little by little, market dynamics are causing the big battleships to falter. Five reasons why the major ERP systems must reinvent themselves or suffer significant losses in the long term.
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