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It's Ok to...

have a dodge wifi
stand, sit or lie down for meetings
switch off your camera to stretch or eat an apple

have your pets (Kalu is the best!), partner, housemates, or children gatecrash your video feed...

attend a call while taking a stroll in the park
not check emails or IMs outside of
your working hours

take a break between meetings and work to think or rest...
put your family before work...

not know everything...

to be confused...

to say "I don't know"...
ask for help...

talk to someone about life in general...

talk about an issue...

talk about it...

challenge things you are not comfortable with...

have a crappy day...
have a great day...

share your victories...



to say you are not OK!

- Inspired by the Internet
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Just published my 2nd poem "Thank you note to my dearest mother :)" on medium.
Check it out here

#poem #mother #thankyou #gratitude #influence #blog
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#poem #blog #1

Toast to a new beginning- 2021

Link to the poem - here.
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"How was your experience of storytelling?"
"Share with us the poems written for kids."
"Storytelling adults or storytelling kids-which is easy?"

These are few DMs that I regularly get on most social media platforms. The answer to all these has finally come.

I had loads of fun storytelling, reading, and reciting poems to kids (of all ages) at Get-Set-Rise Coaching and Consulting.
The top of the cherry was the amazing guidance, mentorship, and at the same time a free hand to explore and improvise given to me by Shreyas.

I have started to pen down all of this in my blog.

Do follow to know more about storytelling and poems that interests kids :)

You can follow me on LinkedIn too!

#storytelling #poetry #kids #blogging
Nov 09, 2021
Awards Jury
Delighted and honored to be part of the Judge at Orpetron Web Design Awards team for this year 2021!
Nov 07, 2021
Google Scholar

Applications are open for our 2022 #scholarships! #Google is proud to offer scholarship programs that aim to inspire and help students in the fields of computing, technology, hardware, gaming, and supply chain. 

Visit to apply

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