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Created by Raphael Lopes, Visual Designer at Wildlife Studios
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Aug 30, 2018
Designed mobile app
Redesigned a User Experience
Developed mobile app
Developed WeChat Mini Program
Created custom icons
Designed Wireframes
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Ubisoft Shanghai is the second largest Chinese development studio, and Ubisoft ‘s second largest studio behind Ubisoft Montreal. Held annually in Shanghai, China, ChinaJoy or China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference is a digital entertainment expo is the largest gaming and digital entertainment exhibition held in China and Asia.

ChinaJoy Boasted 340,000 + Visitors From All Over The World

WeChat is the social, financial, and cultural infrastructure that everyday China relies on.

With the advent of WeChat Mini Programs, Ubisoft Shanghai shared a vision of a community united through the excitement and passion of China Joy.

I worked with the Ubisoft Shanghai creative, marketing, and mobile development teams to draft UX workflows, design UI elements, and provide some front-end consulting for the WeChat framework.

I provided a full PDF UX map with labelled Sketch artboards & 3 edit rounds. I also provided all UI components and unique graphics specific to the Mini Program (i.e. icons for each of Ubisoft’s games, the lucky draw backdrop).

To read more about the project, click here
Mar 24, 2020
Designed an Icon Set
Used Adobe Illustrator

Monotone Icons

Vault needs icons. I've been working on this set for a while now.

The icons are designed to be used as masks, so their color can be changed easily for state changes within the UI. They're also 16×16, maximum, with 1px strokes, aligned to the pixel grid.

Details inside the icons' outline can use opacity for fills and strokes to add variety to the set. The opacity scale is in 20% increments.

In total there are hundreds of icons including file types, folders, media player controls, arrows, and all of the other icons commonly used in application design.

Image: A few of the icons from the Monotone Icon Set. 
Director of Product Design, Princeton Transcription, Inc.
Apr 21, 2021
Designed an Icon Set
Made a fun icon pack ahead of the big announcement of FigJam 🤗 Try them out in your next brainstorming session!
Sep 22, 2020
Designed an Icon Set
Released a product
Need some chunky l’il icons but other sets won’t cut the mustard? Search no more! CHUNK is a set of 100 consistent & commonly-needed UI glyphs, all tailored to look nice and sharp at 16px.
Designed a 3D animation
Designed 3D illustrations
Designed a 3D Logo
Designed a logo
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Been doing some 3D stuff again and yesterday I got motivated and designed a 3D Logo in Figma then in Vectary and in made it available to use on the web with ThreeJs. 
Designed a 3D Logo
Designed 3D illustrations
Designed a 3D animation
Designed illustrations
Designed a 3D Illustration
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I designed my first 3D avatar using Blender.