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Obtained an English Certificate
Learning a language
I obtained a C1 Advanced Level in the EF SET English Certificate.
Started a course
Learning French language
Started attending French A1.2 course at Alliance Française de Manille
Dec 01, 2021
Started Learning a Language
Learning a new language
Learning a language
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Learned 3 lessons of Mandarin Chinese in Pimsleur... Aiming for at least 5 Levels ☄️

Nov 27, 2021
Reached a 600 day streak on Duolingo
I learnt a lot of new things in French and practicing on Duolingo daily was a big part of that. Daily habits.

Sep 16, 2021
Learning a new language
Started Learning a Language
Started learning French language
Learning a human language
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Started a French language "Improvers" course at an adult education college to learn in a more structured way, as a continuation of revising and building upon my GCSE studies alone.
Started 3 months ago
Learning a language
Making progress learning Portuguese with PracticePortuguese.