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Its the beginning of the year and we are all about our beginners!  Here is yet another great tutorial by Abid Ali Awan, where you can learn and get started with text classification with the AI4D Malawi News Classification Challenge.
Getting started with Text Classification using the AI4D Malawi News Classification Challenge - Zindi
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KDnuggets blog
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My experience of almost winning the competition and the things I have learned from the failures. Learn more about the WiDS Datathon and tips on winning the next challenge.
Technical Writer, KDnuggets
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Built and deployed a model that scores sales leads using Continual's dbt integration on top of Bigquery. 

Started 4 days ago
Trained a ML Model with FastAI
Started learning ML with FastAI 10 days ago. Jeremy's top-down approach to AI/ML resonates so much with non-academic learners such as myself. We have to see the bigger picture before we dig into the detail.

For those who are interested, checkout

Jan 07, 2022
Trained a ML Model with FastAI
Trained my first Image Classifier model with FastAI
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Working on fraud analysis using machine learning algorithms.