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Started 8 days ago
Producing a movie
Post Production
In Post-production for the short film, The Funnel
Film concept
Engaged in collaborative storytelling
Wrote script and conceptualized content
Directed a movie
Produced a movie
Starred in a movie
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I'm looking for creative film opportunities - concept, story, acting
Produced a Media Collaboration
Produced a movie
Produced a Video
Produced an animation
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Produced this fabulous animated film: Hyperspeed as one of my Senior Film Projects
Feb 01, 2020
Produced a movie
Reached a crowdfunding goal
We reached a crowdfunding goal, and we made a movie! And during a global pandemic, no less! I've already learned so much from this project. Our team can't wait to see if launched into the world.

Created an Animated Story
Designed a 3D animation
Designed an animation
Produced a movie
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watch the KNIGHT RUSTY trailer:
Produced a movie
Designed a 3D animation
Designed an animation
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watch the TRUMPF TLSM imagefilm: