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🥳💌📲 Today I published a post about How to Create Email Templates with Pure React on hashnode I used #nextjs SMTP.js chakra_ui & React Hook Form for this example, hope you like it.

See the Post here.

#reactjs #gatsby #javascript #typescript #email #smtp #100DaysOfCode 
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Worked on Prompt for HackMIT 2021. Developed the backend which you can checkout at hackmit2021-api. Awesome team up with Ashwin, Deblina and Kamila!
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Released the first version of my Typescript generic starter project!
Mar 01, 2020
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Together with two fellow students I created Smart Hub, a smart home app that lets you control an alarm system, a kettle and various environment sensors (temperature, humidity...).

It consists of three components:

  1. The controller that connects to the sensors – we used an ESP8266 microcontroller and programmed it using C++/Arduino.
  2. A Node.js server, establishing communications between the controller and the web app and responsible for sending out push notifications.
  3. A progressive web app built with Vue.js and Tailwind CSS.
The code can be found on GitHub:

Jun 16, 2020
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Started my first job as a Software Developer at the Utah County Government
Full Stack Developer, Utah County Government
Aug 07, 2021
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Polywork community! 

We are looking for senior software engineers to build products our users love.

PropertyScout is a well-funded, fast-growing, pre-Series A startup taking a shot at making residential property transactions in South East Asia more transparent and professional - a multi-billion USD opportunity. 

If you are a veteran coder with deep experience in React.js and/or Node.js you might find it challenging and rewarding to work with us.