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Designed a Notion Workspace
Estoy completamente emocionado de compartir la plantilla de estudio frontend que realicé en Notion.

✅Registro de cursos
✅Registro de tareas y proyectos
✅Calendario de proyectos
✅Horario semanal

¿Qué lograré con una plantilla?
✅Registrar lo que aprendes
✅Repasar lo aprendido
✅Compartir lo que aprendes
✅Medir tu aprendizaje
✅No perder tus apuntes

Recibir sugerencias de mejora es una de las cosas que más disfruto. Estaré encantado de saber lo que piensas de esta plantilla.✌
Designed a Notion Workspace
I worked with Optemization to deliver a scalable Notion workspace for Stader Labs.

Goals and Objectives

🎯 Break down strategic sync meetings into organized projects with async tasks.

🎯 Unify projects across Stader into a singular startup roadmap to track progress.

🎯 Turn Notion into Stader's single source of truth for documentation to better align remote team members.


✅ Visualize workspace information architecture.

✅ Customized workflows adhering to SCRUM and Agile methodologies.

✅ Written and video documentation.

✅ Customized Notion workspace powered by relational databases.


“Thanks for your work on Stader OS!!! the team loves it, especially the workspace walkthrough doc. It’s been great working with you.” – Vamshi, Product Manager, Stader Labs
May 28, 2020
Built a CRM

Mystic Parker CRM Built With Notion

Recreated our entire in-office project management workflow at Mystic Parker Printing for remote work and collaboration.