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Project Consultant (Lean Transformation), Academic Work
Jan 21, 2022
To support a current re-organisation project, I created an operating model and focus groups (similar to holacracies tribe structure). 
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Jan 19, 2022
We just launched a new pan-government agency to focus on core infrastructure and workplace services in Estonian public sector, RIT ( Very excited about its future as the competency centre allowing other government agencies' IT houses to focus on development work.
It's a huge step forward after three years in planning and twelve months of hard work by the team of two ;-). Everything from business analysis, customer assessment, financial preparation to organisation design, planning and recruiting the core team went in and results are starting to form.
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Technology management consultant, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia
Senior Manager - Strategy & Consulting: Technology Advisory, Accenture
Oct 15, 2021
Delivered an Enterprise Service Design for a state government department to redesign a full end-to-end top-to-bottom organisational design. The combined changes to organisation and technology will allow for a new platform for integrated services complete with nationally aligned environmental solutions. The programme will be ratified and the initial RFx go to market documents for implementation will be released in early November. 
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Senior Manager - Strategy & Consulting: Technology Advisory, Accenture
Featured Contributor, BizCatalyst360
Started 10 months ago
Last week I shared more about an approach to reimaginging not only organisational design, but how we reduce inqeuity globally and that approach is the Human Exponential Organisation or HEXO.

I shared about this on LinkedIn and crowd-sourced some of the design and I am hosting a range of #clubhouse rooms to explore the different principles with the aim of testing them in organisations going forward.

If you are interested to take part in the co-creation do join us on #clubhouse with conversations taking place as follows:

Today 2nd Aug @ 1715pm UK - #Autonomy at Work

Tomorrow 3rd Aug @ 1700pm UK - Support at Work

Weds 4th Aug @ 1700pm UK - Do we consider the impact of our actions (#sustainability/#regeneration) ?

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