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May 29, 2021
Mentored someone
worked for an NGO
Completed Cycle 2 of Our Time For Tech! 🎉

We mentored 4 CodeCollab and 2 BetterPrep fellows, and received glowing evaluations from all participants.

Now for some rest, before retroing the cycle and planning the next one. 😅
Aug 01, 2015
Did a Startup
Dreamed of the post-scarcity future of work
Moved back to Cambridge
Owned an infrastructure
+ 2
Some interesting folks in DevOps Days crowd of this era were talking much about the ways in which DevOps as an idea had taken much, had more to take, and could stand to understand better Lean Manufacturing (like the Toyota Production System & Theory of Constraints). I acquired this interest, and was drawn thus to an Industrial IoT startup a friend of mine was Engineer #1 of.

I became head of technical operations, managing provisioning, monitoring, and SRE of the cloud backends of all our systems; co-developing internal tools; helping manage some aspects of firmware & fields operations; briefly was responsible for MDMing a fleet of heterogeneous Android tablets… I don't recommend that one.

I helped steer this ship from the era of SaltStack, briefly into Chef, into Docker and psudeo-homespun container management (remember CoreOS fleet?), and onto post-1.0 & CNCF Kubernetes.

I was part of a loud minority who a mix of serious & shitposting advocated for migrating away from our Meteor monolith towards both Elixir/Erlang (early days of Phoenix) & Rust (circa 1.0). 

But alongside tons and tons of YAML I wrote my fair share of Node, Ruby, Python, and lots of bash automation for BYOD workstations.
Head of Technical Operations, Tulip Interfaces
Jan 01, 2014
Failed at specializing as SWE again, even caring more about work
worked for an NGO
After disappointment in my own performance at TripAdvisor, I reasoned the problem was that though I liked working with computers, I needed to believe more in the purpose of the work.

After a somewhat protracted search I ended up at charity: water

c:w was a weird org & perhaps not a fit for a lot of reasons, but ultimately I think it was the case that I simply could not push myself to maintain Java (again) day in and day out.

It was never fully explained to me why—it likely was partially a matter of performance but likely also something to do with end of the year budget crunch—but I was abruptly & without warning let go on Monday, December 30.

As I re-entered the job market, I steered towards a few possibilities:
  • Infrastructure / Cloud SRE work (in these days more than know, I'd have been loathe to look for a DevOps job title) – it ultimately went this way.
  • Frontend development
  • Developer Evangelist work
Oct 30, 2010
Attended Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear
In hindsight, one wishes the many people (liberal to center-right) descending on DC had had more political will, perhaps done something more than gather, laugh, and go home.
Mar 01, 2021
Lost my health insurance
Did you know? Title X of the Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA) as amended to date only mandates continuation coverage for employers with 20 or more full time employees more than half of the working days in the prior calendar year? 

I didn't. And Maryland's "Mini-COBRA" (relevant to me as SL HQ) only applies to MD residents (which I've never been)