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Created by Faris Ali, Business Development Intern at Amazon
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Devised flows that reduced impact hours from 1203 to 33 within 3 months.
Devised different flows for the client that reduced impact hours from 1203 to 33 within 3 months.
Resource Management Operations Project Lead - DEI, Cognizant
Mar 26, 2021
Established RFC process
Established RFC process for the engineering R&D team. Excited to share our finding with the rest of the development teams.
Senior Software Engineer / Team Lead, HealthMetrics
Aug 25, 2021
Built something new
Enabled remote work
Improving collaboration
Launched a Passion Project
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Excited to start sharing some of what we've been building with the world! So much more to say, in time, but for now, this is a great teaser about the product we're building:
Founder, Denizen
Jan 30, 2019
Improving collaboration
Building trust


I recently put some effort to foster and improve the engagement of my product team with the goal to make it stronger. I did it through the introduction of more dynamic kick-off meetings, tailored product documentation, feedback collection rounds, and better involvement in the prioritization process, increasing ownership and accountability.

I strongly believe that the success and achievements of a team depend on how close-knit it is, on the information they share, and on the level of trust they have for each other. 
Product Manager, home24
Started 2 months ago
Improving collaboration
Brainstorming ideas
Leading a cross-team collaboration
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Together with the PMs chapter, we highlighted the main pain points of both the PM-to-PM and the cross-department collaboration. 

Based on the priorities, I have been organizing brainstorming sessions with the chapter so to improve the processes and took ownership of the preparation and presentation of the consequent results to the leadership round.
Senior Product Manager, Volkswagen Digital: Lab