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Oct 01, 2021
Contributed to open source
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The team I'm on released a new product. Ionic Portals! It allows you to embed web content into a native app while allowing for seamless communication between the web app and the native app. Its free with the source available on Github!
Featured in Creative Spotlight
Honored to be featured by Steamline Luggage in their 'Inspired By' series. I use, and love, their luggage for its beautiful functionality and ode to a bygone era of tourism. So it was a special treat to feel they value what I do as much as I value what they do. 
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So proud of the beautiful and powerful Quick Add developed by our team at Such a productivity booster for our users ❣️ too much love for one feature !! 
Oct 15, 2021
Building Conceptual Models
Maintained a Design System
I’ve been restructuring a lot of our product offering this past week. A lot of what we’ve built this year allowed us to establish ourselves even further in the criminal justice space. We were moving fast and staying nimble. 

This quarter, I am aiming to look at our product surfaces more holistically to make them feel like a more unified experience. Thankfully, my fellow designers and I have been building and maintaining a design system right from inception.
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I stream code, projects, and sometimes games at least twice a week at