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Creating a free course
Working on a new product
I am working now on a three course to release free on Udemy and YouTube, the course it's about UI Design using free tools, It's for beginners but with it, you can introduce to the UI World.

Tools for the Courses:
  • InVision Studio
  • Gravit Designer.
  • Framer

I hope soon as possible to launch the courses for all.
Led product design
Rebranded product
Rebranding and redesign of website
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Led the rebrand of Simple Studies, now!
Manufactured products
Shipped a product
Throwback to manufacturing 500 raybabys and shipping to the US, in the wee hours of the morning. Fuelled on sugar, camaraderie and ambition. #hustle #tbt #manufacturing #startup 
Received Product Feedback
Anxiety in choice is what happens when the user doesn't know if the product can help them get the job done. This is exactly what happens during sales demos - the more unknowns, the more worried prospects become.

Startup founders and investors tend to forget how important the user experience is in reducing that anxiety, and how much of a differentiator it is when it comes to choosing a solution.

Super straightforward product, it’s all quite impressive and for sure the easiest and most user friednly out of all the [competition] I checked out so far. So that’s a big sell.

- Panther prospect during a sales demo
Head of Product, Panther
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Creating a product prototype
Working with Open Source
Building a feature
Designing website
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Currently at CosmicMedia, we're designing a simple but powerful JavaScript frontend web framework for creating reactive UIs with direct DOM manipulation. We're basically adapting some cool ideas from other frameworks, along with our own ideas, into one cohesive project that we'll be using internally on our projects.

The best part? It's open source!

Check it out here, and feel free to post issues or comments!
Developer, CosmicMedia LLC
Launched personal website
Designed Case Studies
Finally launched my personal website/portfolio