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Dec 01, 2021
Won an industry award
We won 2 Travvy Awards this year.

Dec 02, 2021
Refactored my websitre
My website has just been updated I worked on it an hour or two soon I'll share a link to it
Dec 08, 2021
UI UX Designer
Product Designer
 Hey Guys 🧐
Check Trapay App shot On Dribbble:
Also, you can check the full project on Behance:
Deployed a new project
Shipped a product
Updated a GitHub repository
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Initial Beta Release of Github Action Stats Platform! `v0.1.1-beta`

Github actions are amazing for creating tools for yourself and others. But making those actions into amazing products are difficult without analytics on the usage of your action. 
  • Who uses it? 
  • Are there any errors? 
  • What should we improve?
  • When is it used the most?
  • How many times is it used?
The Github-Action-Stats platform enables Developers to get an answer to these questions and more.
Feel free to check it out here:
And check the Repository here:
Contributions are welcome!

Here is a screenshot of the Analytics I've collected from my Version-Bumber action:

Dec 07, 2021
Used Windi CSS
Wrote code
Designed user interface
Used Nuxt.js
Used Netlify
Used Supabase
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made a social media with Nuxt.js, Windi CSS and Supabase recently, just for hobby.

it's on spanish. or
Pitched a Group Project
Pitched a group project I'm very proud of. The goal was to create a digital product that helps combat surveillance capitalism. Our group focused on an AI solution that simplifies T&Cs and creates a list of what data is being collected in the form of a browser plugin. 
Shoutout to Rachel, Scott and Josh for being amazing teammates.