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Sep 02, 2021
Signed a new agreement
We signed 111 new customers in August with Ready Player Me. 
Aug 12, 2021
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💥💥 Hello lovely people and AI enthusiasts, our next KI Community meetup (morning edition) will be on 08/26 at 9:00 am. Grab a coffee ☕️ and listen to Ayan Paul talk about Covis: The Future of Global Disease Risk Management. 💪
Partnered with local organizations
Designed an Infographic
Led expansion of CSA-style program to combat diet-related illnesses in two USDA food deserts.

Established and maintained partnerships with non-profits, farmer's markets, health care centers, and homeless shelters to expand organization's mission to make fresh food available in low-income areas.
Outreach Coordinator, Grow Ohio Valley
Signed a new agreement
Swimming in the big pond

Secured a music publishing deal for singer-songwriter Khalifina with Sony Music Publishing Africa.
Partnered with Muskid
secured a partnership
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The all-new digital agency specialized in artist and label services Muskid has announced a new partnership deal with Big Soko Music Group.

Muskid did a soft launch in May 2020 as they went live with their digital hub, right before the soft-launch, Muskid also sealed a major deal with the international digital music service company and owners of Tunecore, Believe Music. Muskid is operated globally via its web portal with physical teams in the U.K., Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda.

Muskid’s main service for its artists and labels revolves around digital distribution (both globally and in Africa), promotion, branding, and other key aspects that propel growing artists and labels into big brands and also solidify bigger brands to generate more revenue.

In a new digital age where most artists are setting up indie labels and running their own empires, Muskid is providing almost all the required components to help you build from the ground up. As part of their efforts to provide the best of service to their clients, they’ve entered into a new partnership deal with another major brand Big Soko Music Group (BSMG).

Big Soko Music Group (BSMG) is a global music business hub operating since 2019. It was founded by the entrepreneur Philip Mufaro ‘Forbes’ Mujuru and it’s now run by a small team of young entrepreneurs, including him. It has hotspots in Russia, the U.K., South Africa & Zimbabwe.

The BSMG’s main mission is to get indie artists big, so it provides promotional and educational vehicles to help independent artists develop their careers. BSMG is relevant for providing vital business tips, networking platforms, reviews, artist management, and their infamous Radio Ready Playlists ( notorious for getting indie artists on rotation).

This long-term partnership between the two brands is seen as one that will benefit both brands and more importantly everyone associated with them both.
- Adapted from Muskid Official Blog
Jan 06, 2020
Closed Deal
Facilitated deal between artist and streamcut