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Dec 04, 2021
Attended Art Basel
Visited Miami
First Basel and first time in Miami! Highlight was seeing Super Blue, a set of exhibits by Teamlab, James Turrell, and Es Devin.
Dec 04, 2021
Traveled to Phuket for the first time
Traveled to Phuket for the first time and trying this remote working thing out. Super excited to be in a different space after being stuck in Singapore for the past year or so. 
Dec 05, 2021
Traveled to Milan
Milan Baby!! 😁
Took a road trip
Hired a boat and explored the islands on Lake Wanaka 🛥️
Travelled to British Columbia
Went hiking
Visited Vancouver and Victoria, but spent most of my time in nature and hiking the beautiful Pacific Marine Circle Route.

Places shown in photos:
1. Hiking Sooke Potholes Provincial Park in slight drizzle (you can see rain on the water!)
2. Me at Sheringham Point Lighthouse
Started a new youtube channel
Traveled to Dubai
Went scuba diving
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