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Hosted a mini travel series in HK
The branded mini travel series about Hong Kong, which I hosted with Coconuts Singapore won an award! 🥰 Thanks again to the team for having me, it was defo one of the most fun shoots I've done in my hosting capacity 🧡 Read all about it here:

and click here to watch the 3-part mini series!
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Presented a launch
Wrote an article
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Wrote the intro text and helped present the launch of Mirror Club, a new DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) for which I now serve on the media team. Logo by Marvin Lin.
Nov 29, 2013
Hosted a TV show
In 2012, Astro produced a new, monthly show, "FourFourTwo" Performance, based on the Performance section of the magazine. This has tips on training, diet, preparation and recovery from professional players in England and Europe. It is hosted by former Sydney FC midfielder Brendan Gan and certified fitness instructor Fay Hokulani.

Interviewed Nick Jonas for MTV
As the caption on the Instagram photo says, in a weird turn of events I was asked to interview Nick Jonas on-camera for a Facebook live on MTV's Facebook.

It was a silly and fun interview that high school me would never believe she got to do (and truthfully, adult me still finds it hard to believe).
Hosted a marathon on MTV
Hosted Teen Wolf's Biggest, Best and Bloodiest marathon on MTV via interstitials that would appear between episodes and commerical breaks.
Hosted a special on MTV
Hosted the first (and last) ever Teen Wolf Awards on MTV.