Rodney Little

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Versatile researcher & designer with extensive service design, UX strategy & UI design/dev background. Creative & web tech enthusiast. I began my career as a sequential artist, writing and illustrating my own stories. Now I do work as a researcher, and strive to uncover and tell the stories I discover in design research.

I am a creative who is excited about design processes and service design. It is my mission to discover and tell the stories about people and events from their perspective of an experience. Being able to properly tell a story - to communicate complex ideas or actions that are part of an experience, makes it possible to unveil problems and opportunities for better design solutions for those experiences. Storytelling will allow us to paint the picture of existing products and services, or create our vision for a new concept. 

I also assist and coach people to communicate their message effectively, across psychological, technological, language and cultural barriers through visual/logical design, and imaginative presentation strategy. 

I have a passion for communicating ideas via effective use of these language, media or other creative tools. 
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Mar 2012 - Present

Design Research and Strategy, Black Jack Productions, LLC

Apr 1996 - Present

Service Design,Web Development & Multilanguage Services, Black Jack Productions LLC

Aug 2021 - Jan 2023

Sr. UX Researcher, Twitter

Feb 2022 - Jan 2023

Sr. UX Researcher, Twitter

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Videos that I have created to highlight work, or for projects.