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Software Developer, Microsoft
Nov 02, 2021
I participated in Game jam called GameOff 2021 🎮 hosted by GitHub, with theme "bug" 🪲.

I present you, our submission,  

Christmas Land vs Alien Invasion

We managed to secure 87th rank out of 525 entries 🎉.
A game
  • made in unity
  • C# as scripting language
  • 3d modeled in Blender
  • Along with music and SFX
Gamepage 🎮:
My profile 👤:

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Lead Game Dev, Cosmic Brew
Mar 29, 2022
Working on Backyard pirates
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Co-founder, randomdots
Mar 17, 2022
Teams that play together, stay together

Working remotely is productive, allows for employee autonomy, and seemingly produces happier workers.

However, building meaningful connections amongst workers is tricky.

How do you prevent a team member from leaving to the 'next highest bidder' if they feel disconnected from colleagues and/or company values?

One of our hypotheses is that gaming can help.
After building a platform for remote teams to book fun & impactful team bonding experiences, we decided to attempt to build our own browser-based game.

After observing hundreds of events from teams from Google, Meta, M'soft, et al. we started to spot patterns about what delights users (and what doesn't).

After attending a game jam, we began building a great relationship with a developer who was intrigued by the application of games to foster remote work.

Armed with some rough sketches and notes, we tried to articulate the patterns we'd noticed from our team building events.

3 weeks later, we have launched V1! 🎉

The overarching game principles:

  1. Fun to play
  2. Browser-based (HTML5)
  3. Creates opportunities for collaboration (and friendly competition)
  4. Has replay value 
  5. Enables team leaders to understand their team dynamic better
There is a long way to go but we are happy to start testing with our customer base next week.

Here is a quick and dirty landing page, let me know if you and your team are interested to give the game a whirl (for free).

More updates to come soon.

P.S. I may have spent 40 hours playing Wolfenstein 3D as 'research'
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Executive Chapter Member, CodeChef
Jun 09, 2019
Designed Game Backgrounds for 2D Platformer Game.
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Data Scientist, Waterstons
Feb 14, 2022


This is Wirdle! It's a daily word game, kinda like Wordle, but where the only words are ones spoken on Shetland, where I am from. Shetland is the most northern islands of Scotland, and has its own distinct form of speech, called Shaetlan

I made Wirdle, with some help from I Hear Dee, a group dedicated to documenting & describing contemporary Shaetlan! The language on Shetland, Shaetland, is heavily influenced by scots and norn, mixed with a bit of dutch and German! 

Give it a go, and let me know if your results!

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Content Creator, AndrewDavidJ
Feb 02, 2022
Here's a silly game I made in two days for GDKO!

The challenge was to create a character with a unique ability and then give it a mechanic to keep the players engaged.
You can try it out right here if you'd like! Let me know what you think :)
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