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CEO, inspired consulting
May 06, 2022
Working with #startups is always something special. Exciting new topics and challenges are always part of it. A #casestudy about our wonderful cooperation with the #startup Green Me Up can now be found on our website!

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CEO, inspired consulting
Feb 01, 2022
Here is our latest case study of building a platform for real-estate lead management.
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Director of Technology & Business, NCC Telecom Pvt Ltd
Apr 05, 2022

Hybec is a leading manufacturer of Indoor, Outdoor & Architectural Lights with operations all over India. They have been providing one of the widest ranges of lighting solutions tailored and customized per project for the past two decades. The family business, started as a retail shop in Mumbai, now has a PAN India presence of 200 dealer distributor network and 39 exclusive franchise stores.


Hybec wanted to provide a unique experience for its customers visiting its store to purchase lighting. With more than 1000 lights showcased, the traditional way of controlling the lights for demonstration purposes using the mechanical tick-tock switches seemed rudimentary and did not offer a plush feeling to the clients. Hybec wanted to explore control of lights using Apple Home app & via Siri thereby providing users, a demo experience unlike any other similar lighting stores.


Hybec is proud to be an early adopter of new technologies and solutions which help provide the best demo experience to their clients. Research has suggested increased productivity and confidence when using an iPad based smart lighting control system. This inspired Hybec to deploy an advanced lighting solution which was specifically tailored for their retail store. They standardized on Digital Dreams ® Homekit based advanced lighting control solution throughout the store.


Digital Dreams ® HomeKit based enterprise lighting control system provides seamless control of the whole store using smart devices (iPad, iPhone & even apple watch) all at the same time. It also supports voice control using Siri which further enhances the overall experience. The Digital Dreams communications network bus enables direct connection to a DD control system for integrated lighting and climate control. Beyond the automated features of the system, staff also have the option to manually adjust room lighting using sleek Digital Dreams Infinity® keypads. 

The Home ® App is an official smart home app designed by Apple which makes setup, control easier and simpler than ever before. It makes all connected devices work harder – and smarter not only locally but also from anywhere in the world. Creating and editing scenes is now a breeze as it can be changed and configured by Hybec staff themselves.


With Digital Dreams Homekit enterprise lighting control system, Hybec can not only offer their clients an environment that promotes effective lighting demonstration – an experience unlike any other thereby helping them achieve new business milestones and increased staff & client happiness. “They appreciate having control over the lighting in their store and being able to adjust it to meet their needs makes them feel more relaxed and comfortable.”

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Product Manager, Audiencerate
Nov 01, 2020

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CTO, Audiencerate
Nov 01, 2020

AWS Enables Audiencerate to Process Over a Billion Requests per Week

"We’re a small team with the challenge of building a data platform from scratch. When we started out, we sketched on the wall things we didn’t want to do, including maintaining infrastructure, machines, autoscaling, or databases."
Vice President, Client Success, Kensium
Feb 17, 2022
One of my clients American Meadows, Inc had a recent Client Success Video Case-Study published about them by Acumatica (ERP). 

Titled: American Meadows, Inc Grows, Blooms, Thrives with Acumatica & Kensium!

The newly released case study can be found here:

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