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Sep 16, 2021
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Defined junior react skillset
Today I answered an email from a career switcher asking what I would be looking for in a portfolio of a junior React developer. Here is my answer:

Hi Redacted!

Nice to hear from you. I'm sorry for the brief reply but, in a nutshell, for junior developers I would be looking for projects with samples of code that answer many of the questions on this list:

But on a deeper level, I'm looking at the whole picture, not just code. 

  1. Is there a design document or documentation for the project? 
  2. Were the tasks organized in milestones or sprints (with estimates)?
  3. Do the tasks include acceptance criteria?
  4. Does the project include automated tests? Often, the more tests the better, but that's a slippery hill so go slowly.
  5. Do the commits follow or reference the tasks they are intended to fulfil?
  6. Is there evidence of branching as a means of managing progress?
  7. Does the project manage state beyond prop drilling? Prop drilling is not bad, per se, but projects often require more advanced state management techniques, techniques that are not beyond what a junior should know (Context, for example).
  8. Does the project include examples of interacting with an API? Is it done properly (inside useEffect())?
  9. Have the PWA features of create-react-app been activated? This is an easy one to add to any CRA project and wins a lot of points with me…
  10. Are there any superfluous packages (packages that could be removed) in package.json?
  11. Has the index.html been customized even a little so if there's an error users aren't left with the React boilerplate?
I'm sure I could add to this list and may have left some important items out but this is off the top of my head and any project with evidence of all of these items would be stellar.

FWIW, I'm working on my own React project that has elements of many of the items on the list above. Check it out:

Good luck!

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